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Ruth, 16.

singing. shooting. music. usher. orange. superheroes. obama. michaelrimmer. gregrutherford. starbucks. sesamestreet. television. sprite. ralphlauren. hollister. abercrombie. gillyhicks. movies. glee. books. thecircus. myphone. chocolatemousse. superdry. ipod. bigheadphones. spongebob. tumblr. twitter. converse. boys. piano. friends. family. willowsmith. 24. lego. americanapparelsocks. parties. sitoffs. dance. squash. wellies. athletics. facebook. kanyewest. rihanna. films. nikedunks. neweracaps. adidastracksuits. cheesecake. m&ms. demilovato. collars. ithaca. bandanas. america. cokebottles. cookiemonster. cupcakes.

i hate strawberries and anything that is strawberry flavoured.
i reblog things that i like, or things that i can relate to, simple as.
if i post one of my own photos, i will state, 'my photography'

That is pretty much me :), see my 'About Me' for the whole schbang,
Ask me whatever you want ..

my favourite quote - "There's 3 sides to every story. There's 1 side, there's the other, and then there's the truth."


my cover of titanium

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